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New Era of Internet Success,
Mobile First Responsive Design.

It is forecast that there will be 29 million daily mobile internet users in the UK by the second quarter of 2016.

Today, visitors from mobile devices account for nearly 48% of all traffic.

As nearly half of all new clients now find the business and services they require via a mobile device, it is now crucial for successful business's to deliver a consistant online experience for their potential clients.

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Want to find out what a Simplicity Website from Dijitol could to do for your business ?

Whatever your current website is, whatever your brand or service is, If you run a UK business, we want to help you get the best from the Internet.
One of our UK based account managers will contact you shortly.

Our 3 Steps to Success

Creative Design

There are three core departments in Dijitol : Creative Design, Strategic Production and Finishing. Our Intuitive bold websites are produced by using the very latest in online technology, responsive designs, precision wording, beautiful imagery and simple navigation.

These five core building blocks for success deliver a powerful online presence which perfectly promotes your business in the best possible way to increase user interaction and assist with conversion rates.

Strategic Production

Diijtol's 'Information Architecture' focusses the attention of the user to places where a 'call to action' is encouraged. This measured approach assists with lead generation and sales leads.

Our simplicity websites adapt to any device, its operating platform’s functionality and screen size that they are being viewed from. Content is optimised and repositioned to display properly for each screen size so each mobile user recieves rich user-experience enhancements specific to their device.

Quality Finishing

From the intitial consultation and subsequent brief we will produce your website to highlight key information, maximise usability and produce a great experience for each of your potential clients.

We work within the guidelines set down by the World Wide Web Consortium (The standards organization for the World Wide Web) which encourage intuitive user experience whilst also keeping Dijitol at the cutting edge of the internet with regards to compliance and best practices.

High impact websites that capture hearts and minds.

Encouraging people to stay on your site requires planning and brilliant execution.

For a visitor to stay on your site you only have 8 seconds.

Every design we deliver will grab the attention instantly, every word meticulously written to flow and inspire.

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  • UK Support and Design Team

    Our client managers will focus on your business, how you currently fair against your competitors and develop your online presence. Each step of the way, we are right here with you. Dijitol will help you identify the vision that your client will find interesting, credible and most importantly inline with their values. We beleive that collaboration is the key to success and this is how we prefer to work with every one of our clients.

    Our designers are the very best in the digital media industry. The quality of work, intelligent layout and design sets them apart. Since our first day our designers train hard and work even harder, this commitment to continual personal development con produces excellent results first time, every time. Producing compelling content both visually and textually with the highest possible standard for user experience

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